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MUHAMMAD ARI PRATOMO or known as Ari Pratomo, he is known as a Young Lawyer by engaging in almost all areas of Law, and more practicing as a Lawyer single fighter  and more often practicing single Fighter, He has practiced lawyer since 2009.

Actually he is quite well known figure, because ARI PRATOMO practically the first lawyer to have Law Office website, before other law offices make Company Profile to display Law Office on the Internet, the beginning of his work Lawyer Ari Pratomo active in some Posbakum or Pos Bantuan Hukum several Courts in Jabodetabek Indonesian country area for prodeo cases and he had founded Law Firm Profit in 2010 in Menteng area of ​​Central Jakarta, Keramat Pulo Jakarta Pusat, also in Rawa Mangun, East Jakarta, at this time he has been less heard again in Posbakum, and inquired to meet her inquiry, she once tried to concentrate on Military Cases.

Then he seemed to be missing his invisible nose in the District Courts in the Jabodetabek and West Java jurisdictions, and in fact he had chosen to concentrate the practice of nonliteracy as Coorporate Lawyer, Corporate Legal Consultant of Cikarang Industrial Estate

And now he seems more concentrated and cool as LAWYER OR ATTORNEYER.

There are advantages and disadvantages between LAWYERS AND LAWFIRM PROFIT LAWYERS, but the advantages of the ATTORNEY BETWEEN THE ROAD ATTORNEY It is easier to use its services and more very open or fairly easy to find without a mechanism procedure than PROFIT OFFICE, many of the current conditions where people NEED ATTORNEY which is simple also NOT MADE in the PROVIDING LEGAL SERVICE, Prodeo Soul, and Pro Bono as Posbakum dropout is still attached to him.

Achievement / Organization:

  1. Coordinator of DPC Division PERADI BEKASI 2015 - 2019
  2. NIAGA Field Coordinator of PERADI BEKASI Legal Aid Center 2015 - 2019
  3. Qolbu Al-Karomah College Founder / Caregiver.
  4. Founder of the Center, Communications, Information and Legal Services
  5. The caretaker of Karomallah College Lampung
  6. Founder and Idea of ​​Positive Indonesian Community (

Work experience :

  1. Founder Law Office ARI PRATOMO & Associates
  2. Founder Law Office THAIFAH AL MANSHURAH
  3. Establishing Media General Infocom
  4. Posbakum Bekasi District Court
  5. Posbakum East Jakarta District Court
  6. Posbakum Indonesian Advocate Association DPC Bandar Lampung
  7. Currently active as an Advocate / Attorney in the field of Legal Services both inside and outside the court.
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