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MuhammadAriLaw has the original name of Muhammad Ari Pratomo, known as an Advocate / Lawyer who often provide Education Law in the social media and app-Live Streaming app,
MuhammadAriLaw wrestle almost all areas of the Law there, and a lot more practice as a Lawyer Independently and is often a practice run for a single Fighter, He practices in the world of Lawyers since 2009, but before he opened his own office in 2009 he has been working in the Office-Lawyer's office in Jakarta since 2005, and is very active in large organizations and Law Enforcement of Human Rights.

The actual figure of his already pretty well known in the world of the law, because MuhammadAriLaw arguably fond of all people to defend the poor and very detailed in terms of administration related to public,
He also had to report to the ombudsman of some unscrupulous officials only problem KTP Electric that year didn't come out, to result in no kk and no her id abused persons who are not responsible to the number of persons who misuse the data as an occupying power to register the sim card, and even the data as an occupying power ever misused irresponsible people to do the transaction does not himself know, to make her feel harmed and forced to investigate the criminal acts of those who in the name of her, bitter experience that happened it made her feel compelled to also fix the world ITE in law enforcement in particular on the Law of Protection of Personal Data related to someone who about the world of Electronic Transactions and Information.

It makes him feel called to be the activities of Social Media, He is also often reported Police Officers who allegedly violated the code of ethics, has also been reported a few unscrupulous Lawyers, and now MuhammadAriLaw feel compelled to also control the Virtual world of Social Media and Live Streaming due to the rise of the alleged negative content on social media and live streaming, which greatly affects the mental generation of the Nation of Indonesia in the future.
The beginning of his Lawyer MuhammadAriLaw active in some Posbakum or Post the Help of the Law of some Courts in the greater jakarta area for things prodeo (people are not able to) and he had established a Law Firm Profit in the year 2010 in the area of Menteng, Central Jakarta, Sacred Pulo Monday, as well as other places in the area of Rawa Mangun Jakarta Timur.

Himself never tried concern for the Things of the military, but this time more like defend the people of a small and appear as simple, as well as mingle with the millennial in applications of Social Media and Live Streaming.
He was also opt for concentrated practice nonlitigasi as a Corporate Lawyer, Legal Consultant of the Company in Cikarang Industrial estate and Cibitung, but he is choosing to defend the little people in accordance with the mandate of the Deceased his Father, he is also a Board of Founders as the Originator of the idea of the Center of Information, Communication and Legal Services as well as Institutions of Social Control Media and Live Streaming Indonesia and served as the Chairman of the General, also the Initiator of the Idea of the establishment of the Community Live Indonesia's Positive or KLPI.

Achievements/Organization :

  • The coordinator of Cooperation the DPC PERADI BEKASI
  • The coordinator of the COMMERCIAL Center of the Legal Aid PERADI BEKASI
  • Founder / Caregiver Education Martial Tafsir Qolbu Al-Karomah.
  • The founder of the Center,Communication,Information and Legal Services.
  • Caregiver Education Karomallah Banten - Lampung
  • The founder and Initiator of the idea of the Institution of Social Control Media & Live Streaming Indonesia
  • The founder and Initiator of the idea of a Community Live a Positive IndonesiaWork Experience :
  • The founder of the Law Office of ARI PRATOMO & Associates (
  • Set Up Media General Communication
  • Posbakum Court Bekasi
  • Posbakum Court Jakarta Timur
  • Posbakum of the Indonesian Advocates Association DPC Bandar Lampung
  • Current active Advocate / Lawyer in the field of legal Services both inside and outside the court.



Muhammad Ari Pratomo, familiarly known as MuhammadAriLaw, born on June 21, 1982, is an Advocate / Lawyer since 2009 until today, MuhammadAriLaw often provide Education to the Legal community throughout the pelatform social media, and began to actively provide education law in youtube channel since early January 2021, through the channel Youtubenya, with the name of the Channel MuhammadAriLaw.
In addition to providing education law itself began to release his song to publish in early October 2021, the story about the world of music, MuhammadAriLaw already hoby create the song while he was still in JUNIOR high school, he is also the initiator and founder of the Institution of Social Control Media and Live Streaming Indonesia, in addition he is the co-author, with her first book titled The Lawyer of the People
songs of creation MuhammadAriLaw is :

  1. Lagu Untuk Anakku (melayang)
  5. IBU
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